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E-commerce sites can be particularly challenging for search-engine optimization (SEO) because they tend to lack unique, relevant content. Most e-commerce websites contain mostly navigational pages (with little content) and product pages (with mostly duplicate content). The challenge is easily (though not necessarily quickly) overcome, however, with a simple content strategy.

This article outlines five content techniques that I have used successfully on various e-commerce websites. Some of those techniques will be better suited than others to certain types of e-commerce websites. Accordingly, you might use just one or more of them on your own website, as appropriate.

 Five Ways to Get Unique, Keyword-Relevant Content on Your E-Commerce Site : MarketingProfs.


Cheating in Exam

The 9-month Revolution

Nobody is a bystander in this revolution. Just observe how many of your friends are on social media. Still wondering to get in or not? We say that if you have a brand, you cannot afford not to. Check out our Singapore perspective of this at

I don’t care – the power of a strong brand

Hmmm….. Should I get an iPhone?

Social Media Marketing Executive

If you’re reading this, you might the one we’ve been hunting for to join our team as our clients’ go-to person for advice on their social media marketing strategy and programs. Your work will entail the following and you must love doing it:

  • Strategize with and educate clients on incorporating relevant social media techniques into the corporate culture and the client’s business. You will work with clients to develop a comprehensive social media strategy based on their objectives.
  • Implement and manage the social media programs on behalf of clients, ensuring it achieves clients’ objectives, good ROI for clients, and overall clients’ satisfaction with your service.
  • You should always be at the forefront of social media marketing trends and technologies. You must be passionate about social media and motivated to experiment with new and alternative ways to leverage social media activities.
  • Monitor trends in social media tools, trends and applications and appropriately apply that knowledge to increasing the use of social media for our clients.

We know it’s not rocket science but you still got to meet the following conditions:

  • A passion for online and social media marketing, you can’t live without it
  • Extensive in-depth experience with social media tools and techniques including Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Vimeo, blogs is required.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills in particular strong presentation skills.
  • Work independently, self-reliant, resourceful, and/or lead, manage or participate in cross-functional teams.
  • A hunger to want to know and do more.

**Fresh graduates with a passion in social media marketing are welcome to apply.

 Please send it your resume to

HURRY, contest ends soon. Terms and conditions apply.

The unwritten promise that must be kept

“Brits getting bashed for World Cup performance”, “Sun goes down on remnants of France’s football empire”, the start of the 2010 World Cup has not been an auspicious one for the traditional aristocrats of the game. Fans of these teams have been sorely disappointed by the dismal performances and national pride has been dented. In branding, this is called a brand gap – where the brand experience does not measure up to expectations.

Although no promises will ever given, these expectations arise from fans perception of the teams based on what they have seen, heard, experienced in the past. Thus, keeping the unwritten “promise” of the brand is particularly imperative for brands with a strong heritage. Failure means an almost irreversible damage to brand equity that’s extremely costly to remedy.

In the case of England and France, the promise is not about winning the World Cup since there is only one winner, but about putting on a show that’ll delight and thrill their fans, a performance that despite winning or losing, their fans can walk away feeling pride for their teams. Thus far, both and several others have sorely failed and even shamed their home nations through internal squabbles between players and coach. Whenever the team starts pointing fingers, it looks bad for all in the team regardless of whose right and wrong.

The cowboy in the marketer

I belong to the breed of cowboy marketer that confronts the wild west with his instinct and guts. On most occasions, I’ve found that market research has always been an exercise of confirming what my gut instinct has already told me. This is not to say that I have the uncanny ability to divine the future with a crystal ball because I’m not right all the time, but, on those occasions where I miss the mark, it’s usually the timing that’s wrong and not the outcome. Before you get me wrong, this is not an exercise to satisfy my narcissistic self. 

Just last week, I read an article in the local daily that stated the Apple’s iPhone has at least 40% of the mobile phone marketshare here in Singapore. Just prior to the publication of this article, I was presenting an iPhone application idea to a certain statutory board. I was posed the question on iPhone’s penetration into the local market, at which time I had no hard facts. I however made an educated “guesstimate” to be around 40%. How so? Very simply by keen observation. In any social or business gathering that I have attended, I noticed that at least 3.5 out of 10 people present used the iPhone. You might want to try this exercise yourself to verify my unconventional research findings.

Having been in this practice for over 10 years, I’ve had the opportunity to work with many brilliant marketers and through observation, I’ve discovered traits common to many of these cowboys that lend them the ability to achieve marketing success again and again. These are what I deemed inherent traits that come naturally to a few but requires much practice by others, different from skills which can be learnt and acquired by all.

  1. Empathy – Great marketers walk in the shoes of their customers, they’re always looking at ways to create value for their customers while protecting the interest of the brand/company. Being sensitive to market movement and trends also help them stay relevant to consumer needs and wants.
  2. Keen Observation – When the cowboy strolls into town, he scans his surroundings and quickly picks up on things that are out-of-place. Likewise great marketers have high situation awareness, their antennas on the lookout for opportunities. A lot of what they see might not be of immediate use but it’s stored away for future reference.
  3. Questioning Mind – “Why is this done? Why did this succeed/fail? What can I learn from this? Can I do better?” The mind of the marketer never stops questioning. Rather than textbooks, his learning comes from the environment that surrounds him.
  4. Courage – It takes courage to overcome fear and hesitation when the cowboy rides off into the wilderness or gets on the back of a bull 5 times his size. Cowboys  take the road less travelled to beat a path for others to follow. They’re willing to try a new formula when existing ones don’t work and is never one who’s shy to stand out from the crowd. Lastly, they’re always dare to put their money where their mouth is.
  5. Great Executors – Far from being an operator behind a desk, this cowboy leads the way at the head of the cattle drive. He is born with the desire and drive to make things work, works with a meticulous nature paying great attention to planning and details, and rolling up his sleeves to get the job done. He is highly resourceful and works within limitations of any given assignments.

These traits are by no means pre-requisite for success in the professional practice of marketing but it is through my observations that marketers possessing them have achieved greater success than others. Far from being a great marketer, yet, I’m constantly a keen student, still honing my skills, acquiring knowledge, gaining experience in hope that I’ll be able to ride off into the sunset in the fashion of the Lone Ranger, “Hi ho Silver!”

BTW, if you think that you posses such admirable qualities, drop us a mail at cos we’re always on the lookout for great cowboys. Yee Haw!