The first step is always the hardest

Unless it is something pleasurable, we always tend to procrastinate on things that we know we should do. We spend much of our productive time doing things of high urgency and neglect things of high importance. Thus it was with our blog which have been pushed back time and again because we had other things that kept us busy.

However as we busied ourselves with daily tasks, the world moves on tirelessly with no regard or mercy for those who are slow. I have preached and advocated to companies and brands the importance of re-evaluating their communications channels quickly because the landscape of communications is fast changing at an increasing faster pace. Where there was little use of email in the late eighties, it has made the fax almost obsolete today. Our kids grow up in a highly connected and mobile environment where many of them have their own facebook account as early as age 7.

Technological advances has redefined communications and will continue to do so. This has a tremendous impact on the social fabric of how we live, work and play. Thus the challenge for marketers and brands is to communicate with their audiences in ways that are meaningful using media and mediums that are relevant today. Whenever you find that a task is of high urgency, it is usually because you’re a little late on it. We know we’re guilty of this ourselves but hey, better late than never.